What You Do

  • Read the Information Memorandum and consider whether investment in the Fund is suitable to you.
  • Register to become a Member of the Fund by completing the registration form within the Information Memorandum, confirm you are a Wholesale Investor and provide the necessary identification documents to Vertex. Registration is free and provides no obligation to invest.
  • Vertex will provide you with Syndicate Information Memorandums detailing Mortgage Investments to consider. If you want to proceed with the Mortgage Investment, complete the Application Form within the Syndicate Information Memorandum and provide it to Vertex.
  • Upon advice from Vertex, provide your contribution to the Mortgage Investment.
  • Prior to maturity of the Mortgage Investment, advise Vertex of your intentions regarding the Mortgage Investment and execute any release documents as required.

What We Do

  • Source Mortgage Investments potentially suitable to Members of the Fund.
  • Assess finance proposals and undertake appropriate borrower checks, security property valuations, credit and risk assessment in line with our credit policy.
  • Prepare and issue a Syndicate Information Memorandums to Members of the Fund outlining the proposed Mortgage Investment.
  • Arrange for preparation and execution of the loan transaction documents and coordinate settlement for the Mortgage Investment through legal service providers.
  • Complete settlement including collection of Investor funds, disbursement of loan funds and issue the Investors with settlement advice.
  • Issue the Investors with a copy of the Certificate of Title for the Security Property noting the Investors as the registered Mortgagees.
  • Collect interest from Borrowers and distribute income to the Investors.
  • Monitor the Borrower adherence to the terms and conditions of the Mortgage and action any defaults accordingly on behalf of the Investors.
  • Advise the Borrower and Investors of the impending maturity of a Mortgage and undertake necessary action.
  • Collect from the Borrower the Mortgage principal and any other amounts owing and disburse funds to the Investors to discharge the Mortgage Investment.

Vertex Direct Mortgage Fund

Fixed monthly interest distributions from 9.00%pa*

  • Exclusive opportunities for Wholesale Investors
  • You decide which mortgages to invest in
  • Investors are registered on title as mortgagee
  • Invested directly into individual first mortgage loans
  • All loans secured by real property within Australia
  • Investment terms between 3 & 24 months
  • Register to start receiving investment opportunities