The Fund is an unregistered managed investment scheme under the Corporations Act.

The Fund is governed by a trustee under an Australian Financial Services Licence.

Vertex Asset Management Pty Ltd, AFSL No. 504577 is the Trustee of the Fund

The Trustee has appointed Vertex as an Authorised Representative of its Australian Financial Services Licence to manage the Fund and to administer and manage each Mortgage Investment for and on behalf of Investors.

The interest rate of return on investments are fixed for the term of the Mortgage. No investment, Mortgage or otherwise, is entirely risk free and in the case of Mortgage Investments there is a risk to both income and capital.

Amongst other things these risks include, late or non-payment by the Borrower, default by the Borrower, changes in market interest rates generally, decline in the value of the security, and/or inadequate risk management strategies by the Investment Manager.

The risks and Vertex’s risk management strategy associated with investing in the Fund are addressed in more detail within the Information Memorandum (IM) and Syndicate IMs specific to each Mortgage Investment.

This is not a Bank deposit. The performance of the Fund and any Sub-Scheme, the rate of return on capital, the return of capital or loan monies advanced by an Investor is not guaranteed by the Trustee, Vertex nor any of their directors or employees. Past performance of the Fund is not indicative of future performance.

The IM and any Syndicate IM should be read in their entirety before deciding to invest.

Investment in the Fund is only available to Wholesale Investors.

Before registering to become a Member of the Fund and invest in any offers made under a Syndicate IM, Investors should consider carefully the IM and the relevant Syndicate IM taking into account their personal circumstances (including financial and taxation issues) and seek professional advice from their accountant, stockbroker, lawyer or other professional adviser before deciding whether to invest. The IM and the relevant Syndicate IM do not take into account and Investor’s personal objectives, financial situation and particular needs.

Vertex Direct Mortgage Fund

Fixed monthly interest distributions from 9.00%pa*

  • Exclusive opportunities for Wholesale Investors
  • You decide which mortgages to invest in
  • Investors are registered on title as mortgagee
  • Invested directly into individual first mortgage loans
  • All loans secured by real property within Australia
  • Investment terms between 3 & 24 months
  • Register to start receiving investment opportunities