Vertex is an investment management company with the relevant specialised skills and experience in being the investment manager of managed investment schemes and direct mortgage funds. The directors of Vertex have a wealth of knowledge and experience in property developments, banking, investment, commercial finance and loans management, investment management and debt recovery.

Vertex aims to provide Members with consistent returns by providing a high level of service and acting at all times ethically, with integrity and professionalism. Vertex is committed to its Investors and its staff are experienced in funds management, mortgage lending and loan management.

Mortgage investments are sourced by Vertex direct from borrowers or through current contacts and a professional network of finance brokers and introducers.

Mortgages are assessed by Vertex in accordance with its Credit Policy before being offered to Members of the Fund as a Sub-Scheme via a Syndicate IM.

The Mortgages are managed by Vertex to provide both the security of a registered mortgage over real property and distribution of monthly returns to Investors (subject to payment by the borrower).

Vertex has been appointed as investment manager of the Fund by the Trustee, Vertex Asset Management Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 504577), to perform and discharge all obligations as set out in the Information Memorandum, any Syndicate Information Memorandum and the Constitution, as appropriate. Vertex is an authorised representative of AFSL No. 504577.



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Vertex Direct Mortgage Fund

Fixed monthly interest distributions from 9.00%pa*

  • Exclusive opportunities for Wholesale Investors
  • You decide which mortgages to invest in
  • Investors are registered on title as mortgagee
  • Invested directly into individual first mortgage loans
  • All loans secured by real property within Australia
  • Investment terms between 3 & 24 months
  • Register to start receiving investment opportunities